As the founder and long-time owner of a small business in the Seattle/Tacoma metropolitan area  (we opened our doors in 1991 and have been helping small businesses and non-profits with cybersecurity solutions and IT Management ever since), I am committed to helping other small businesses and non-profit organizations weather the challenges we’re all facing right now. To that end, we’ve set up this page with the intent of providing timely information and valuable resources to help you navigate the challenges of running your business remotely in a secure and efficient way during shelter-in-place restriction periods and afterwards, while we’re all probably going to still need to practice social distancing.

On this page we will be providing a number of valuable resources for small businesses and non-profits to better enable them to secure their organizations and educate their employees either for no charge or at cost as long as we’re dealing with these challenges.  If you have questions about anything or suggestions for other ways we can assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Check back regularly to see what’s new!

Owen Wollum,
Founder & CEO

FREE Weekly Work From Home Cybersecurity tips

Cyber attacks have gone up over 700% in the last month, and for good reason. Cyber criminals are having a heyday with the lax security and lack of focus by remote workers. The last thing you need right now is a data breach to deal with in the midst of the Coronavirus attack. Over 90% of successful data breaches are the result of employee error, so the best way you can protect your organization is to train your employee how to recognize and repel cyberattacks. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a series of weekly email tips to do just that. Sign up now for free by clicking on the button below.

FREE Remote Computing Review

Are your employees working from home? Are you confident that they haven’t opened up security holes that a hacker or cybercriminal could use to inject malware, steal your data or encrypt your data with ransomware and hold you hostage unless you pay them whatever they demand? If you would like us to review your remote access configuration and give you advice on how you can strengthen your security, we’re offering a 20 minute virtual meeting to talk it over. If you just haven’t set up remote access to your work computers yet, we’ll provide some valuable advice on how to go about it. Just click on the link below to schedule an appointment.

FREE Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cyber attacks have tripled in the last couple of weeks. Cyber criminals are trying to trick employees and organizations into providing information using links offering information about stimulus checks and small business loans. The absolute best way to protect your organization from cybercrime is to train your employees how to recognize and repel cyber-attacks. More than 90% of data breaches are due to human error! We are now providing small business and non-profits FREE access to a comprehensive online employee training course to train your employees Click on the link below to sign up today. There is absolutely no charge for this training.

FREE Work From Home Gameplan

Are your employees working from home right now? Are you certain that the access you set them up with didn’t introduce security risks to your network that cybercriminals will take advantage of? Or that you didn’t expose your organization to additional liability? Are you just now thinking of setting up your employees with remote access?

We’ve put together a comprehensive report to set up a safe and secure system of your staff to work from home. Download this free guide now and discover everything you need to know about setting up remote access for your employees. If your employees are already working remotely, use it as a checklist to find out if you’re it correctly. Don’t let cyber criminals take advantage of you!