Is your current phone system geared towards a different business size, or do you find your phone network ceasing to work suddenly sometimes? Due to excellent improvements to the VOIP service in the greater Seattle/Tacoma metropolitan area over the past few years, you can now benefit from upgrading to Dependable IT Support's improved services. With our services, you will be able to customize your system to meet your individual needs and expectations.

Join Dependable IT Support's phone services today and benefit immediately from an exceptional VOIP system that has:

  • Convenience you won't believe – employees can simply unplug their phone at the office, take it home, plug it in and use it as if they were still in the office with all the same features and capabilities! Perfect for work-from-home employees or quarantine situations.
  • No long term contracts – we won't lock you in to a two or three year contract when you sign up with us. If you decide for whatever reason to end the agreement, simply give us 30 days notice and you're off the hook!
  • Features that you'll use – if you want to make a call on your laptop or desktop, or on your smartphone when you're on the move, then Dependable IT Support's phone services are definitely for you.
  • Wireless phones – No need to run wiring to connect your phones. Just connect them through your wifi system and they will work like a charm!
  • Text using your business number – Don't want to use your personal number to text a client or prospect? No problem! Our phone systems allow you to text using your business numbers.
  • Everyone gets their own direct dial number for free – All extensions come with a unique number clients and prospects you share it with can direct dial to bypass the main number. And there is no extra charge for this!
  • Never run out of lines – Since everyone has their own line, your customers and prospects will never get a busy signal and your employees will never have to wait for an available line to call out on!
  • The ability to take on your company's workload – with optimized technology designed from the ground up for small to medium sized businesses, your phone system will never go down because too many calls are being made, and there won't be more servers to take up more space, either. In fact, the only on-premise equipment you'll have is your phones!
  • Low-cost and easy to install – we won't charge you extra fees to install these services, and when you use them, you can rest with the peace of mind knowing you're not racking up any more charges due to our flat-rate guarantee.

If you're not getting the phone services that your company needs, call us today, or fill in the simple form at the right and we'll get in touch with you. We'd be delighted to show you exactly how a new phone system can help make your employees more productive and simplify your life!