Our Staff Was Working from Home in A Matter Of Days!

When the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders seemed like they were imminent, we were faced with the extraordinary challenge of getting our key employees set up with the ability to securely access their desktop computers at work, remotely from their homes. Fortunately, we were able to make a quick phone call to Dependable IT Support and have them take care of everything. Owen and the team at Dependable IT Support provided home firewalls for all our key employees, then configured each employees’ laptop and firewall and worked with our employees to get them set up and connect securely to their work computers. All of this was completed in a matter of days, just in time to meet our local shelter-in-place order. We never could have gotten this done without the help from Dependable IT Support! Now our employees are safely working from home with very little impact to the efficiency of the organization!

Dr. Michael J. Adams President
Faith International University

We Think of Dependable IT Like Part Of Our Extended Staff!

We have outsourced our IT to Dependable IT Support for several years now and are delighted with their responsiveness and ability to anticipate our needs. They have supported us through good times and not so good times, so well that at times we even think of them as part of our extended staff. As a non-profit with a limited budget, we can’t justify a dedicated IT person, nor do we need one. And with Dependable IT Support, we know we’re getting a much more experienced skill set for pennies on the dollar compared to someone on staff.

Melissa Malott Executive Director
Citizens For A Healthy Bay

Responsive and Reasonable Rates! Highly Recommended!

Having Dependable IT as part of our team has allowed us to minimize downtime when any tech issues occur. I would highly recommend Dependable IT. Their responsiveness is outstanding. They were the only company we talked to that offer reasonable non-profit rates. They will help you get your job done better – because you don’t have to worry about IT issues. And, if that still doesn’t convince you, call me! I’d be happy to share our experience.

Anne Banauch Director
Highline Schools Foundation

We know we can depend on Dependable IT Support!

We depend on Dependable IT Support! As the owner of a rapidly growing business, I don't have time to stay on top of technology changes, let alone manage the technology we already use. That's why I partner with Dependable IT Support and rely on them to manage all our IT assets. From workstation and server management to acting as our IT Department for both tactical and strategic issues, we know we can depend on them to come through for us. If you rely on your computers to run your business, I highly recommend talking to Dependable IT Support!

Dave Theimer President
Thunderdog Delivery, Inc.