"When our remote users suddenly became unable to connect to our server, we called Dependable IT Support to help us out. Within an hour of their arrival, everything was back to normal and our remote staff was able to access our resources again. The engineer was courteous, professional and competent. We were very pleased with their service and would recommend them to any business that needs computer support." - Rob Meston, President, Utility Service Associates, LLC

"As the owner of a rapidly growing business, I don't have time to stay on top of technology changes, let alone manage the technology we already use. That's why I partner with Dependable IT Support and rely on them to manage all our IT assets. From workstation and server management to acting as our IT Department for both tactical and strategic issues, we know we can depend on them to come through for us. If you rely on your computers to run your business, I highly recommend talking to Dependable IT Support!"  - Dave Theimer, President, Thunderdog Delivery, Inc.


“Dependable IT Support has been a great fit for our company. I know I can count on them to keep my computers running smoothly and that lets me focus on growing my business.” - David Larsen, President, DPL Construction, Inc.

"We contracted with Dependable IT Support to perform a Technology Audit.  I was surprised at the depth and volume of the report they provided us with. The audit pointed out several areas where we needed to focus to improve our security and efficiency. Having a roadmap to work from (and availability from Dependable IT Support whenever we turned to them) made it much easier for us to tackle the issues."  - David Karlsgodt, President, Metric Media, Inc.

"We started working with Owen in 1993 when he installed our first network   We have relied on his technical advice and skills frequently in the many years since then and have always been impressed with his knowledge and ability to translate complex technical issues to common sense practices while keeping in mind the importance of staying within our budget. Owen and his staff are honest, ethical and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation recommending them!" - Greg Kaurin, Senior Pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church